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by Zain Great Ideasupporting the youth into making their entrepreneurial dreams come true since 2010.

Zain Great Idea 6 is back with a great bundle of support for our tech entrepreneurs' community, so if you’re looking for seed investment or you want to be part of a unique acceleration program that will take your startup and your knowledge to the next level submit your startup application and join Zain Great Idea 6.

That Designs has been fortunate enough to participate in the Zain Great Idea program in 2019 both in Kuwait and in San Francisco.

Tech startups come with unique challenges and opportunities to thrive.  Through the program we benefited from our peers; who are like-minded and are paving the way in their own unique way, from access to experts and engineers who provided options and tech solutions and of course from the mentors who's advice puts into perspective the priorities and finding out the unique value proposition.

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