Verona 459C

Verona 459C

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ZAL RUGS offers the best value for money without compromising the quality of its product.

One good example of that is Verona Collection.

it is a high end rug with a reasonable price. Because of that, it becomes one of our most wanted rug for trials, purchase and special order.

From the past, it relies on the basic designs and two toned neutral colors which is a perfect fit as a daily rug.

Well, it’s time to move out of your comfort zone because the New Verona is back with a twist.

The refreshing Floral styles of K454, K459 & K463 will help you bring the airy ambiance into your room in the summer time.

The basic modern Verona like style numbers K404,K462 & B840K in one hand, is now enhanced with a bolder patterns which is another way for you to explore the possibilities with your light colored walls and pale neutral colored floors.

In another hand, the vintage & new classic Verona are now available in a more daring colors of blush pink and multiple pastel colors that can be seen in the model numbers B395 & B341. You may now re-invent your space by playing with colors.

Make sure that your  biggest furniture is in neutral shade so that it will not clash with your chosen rug to keep everything in balance.

Rather,you may simply add a clear see through coffee table to expose the beauty of this rug.
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