Qum 2154
Qum 2154
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Qum 2154

Zal Rugs
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From Zal Rugs

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Available size:
80 x 125 cm

About this product

Anti-slip prayer rug made up of very fine bamboo silk from Turkey.
Vacuum and Dry Clean only.


Prayer rug is staple in our spiritual life.
ZAL offers several choices from your all time favorite designs.

Qum collection comes with dimension of 80 x 125 cm which is suitable size for prayer rug.

The brilliance of bamboo silk is apparent on its pile as the patterns shines through in a way that makes it  luxuriously beautiful.

The feeling of silky smooth texture provides comfort and cleanliness which is an important characteristic of a prayer rug.

The twin backing of Qum collection ensures stability on the floor to set a perfect place for praying.

It features the “Mihrab”, an arch which is a traditional symbol to point towards Makkah.

Hurry, go get your favorite prayer rugs only at ZAL RUGS

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