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Qum 2092

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The fast ever changing world of interior designing, sometimes dictates us whether or not to stick with our heritage in choosing the right kind of rugs for our home.

The minimalist interior per se, directs us to modernity where colors and patterns are subtle as opposed to the classic where details and hues is intense.

Is it worth the risk to restore our traditional concepts when it comes to our interiors? This question leaves us hanging when buying the perfect rugs for our home.

Why not? Classic rugs are known for their soulful designs. The color combination of primary colors is essential such as Blue, Red and yellow. The vines, florals and medallions are the core value of the said rugs.

Having said that, this kind of rugs is prominent in a room where color schemes and details is lacking.

QUM collection is the latest addition of ZAL RUGS on its classic rug category.

This rug has the most number of points per square
 meter than any other classic rugs in store.

The brilliance & smoothness of bamboo silk is apparent all through out its surface. 

The intricacies in motifs replicates those of the Persian carpets that brings luxurious atmosphere in our living rooms,lobby or dining area where family or friends usually goes together.

With these good reasons, Classic rugs will never get out of style.


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