Intenza M387F

Intenza M387F

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Available size:
S 160 x 230 cm
M 200 x 290 cm
L 300 x 400 cm
XL 400 x 500 cm 

About this product

Machine made rug, composed of smooth and shiny viscose pile with soft to touch acrylic pile from Turkey. Avoid direct sunlight, vacuum cleaning and professional dry clean only.

Intenza stands for “intensity “, if you wish to get positive results in styling a space with rug that pops up on the floor.

Consists of nine extravagant models, two of them are carryover from the past season.

It is mostly French inspired design, where in 
curls are tandem with florals, vines and foliage that makes up the countryside vibe.

Burnt sienna with beige undertone dominates the color scheme, signifying the upcoming fall. Navy is used to highlight the patterns, while touches of warm hues such as periwinkle and pale mustard is used as an accent colors.

The low key feature of 
Model 391E could be used in minimalist interior and the distress style of 386E suits best in a vintage theme, while the rest of it is mainly contemporary or neoclassic style.

Dimension is also upsized with maximum of 4 x 5 m. This is suitable for big living room that has sectional sofa with three to four floating couches that rest all together in just one rug. See to it that there is 30 to 45 cm of exposed floor around the rug to showcase your seating area.

INTENZA could be your dream rug, go get it only here at ZAL RUGS.

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