1085 Edition Lounge
1085 Edition Lounge

1085 Edition Lounge

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By Kristalia

Estimated Delivery
10-12 weeks
Shipped from Italy

Available Sizes
H 76 W 66 D 68 cm

About This Product

Artisan skills, the passage of time and the beauty of an unparalleled project. The 1085 Edition lounge is inspired by the almost hundred-year-old experience of Presot®, the only tannery in Italy that still works leather using traditional methods. Not by chance is it linked to some of the most important names in Italian haute couture. However, it also draws on nautical know-how, as it adopts the tie rod mechanism to retain the tension that would naturally be lost over the years and with the softening of the leather. It also reflects time that passes, preserving the work of those who made it and those who use it day after day. 

This fine object has the charm of a unique furnishing item.

Designed by Bartoli Design

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