Pietra 2079S

Pietra 2079S

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Here comes the second batch of Pietra Collection 2022. 

Unlike the other, it’s mainly consist of  new classic/ ethnic patterns that reflects culture rich design.

The accent colors are champagne and anthracite to highlight fusion of bohemian and traditional floral with medallion that are creatively made of sequence or repeated patterns which is symbolic in these seven magnificent models.

Pietra collection creates an airy ambiance in your living room and lounges. It is where family or people gather in their leisure time.

Traditional pattern rugs is often used to define space and hold things  together in a formal way.

It is noticeable with model numbers  2084X and 2163S.The latter has the usual medallion at the center of it with frame which is a great central piece for wide open space while the former is floral with frame which is generally suitable with white colored walls together with solid neutral colored furnitures to set a more engaging atmosphere.

The remaining five models (2077E,2079S,2181A,2184A & M444K) are also new classic rugs with fusion of bohemian elements that is versatile enough to tandem both formal and contemporary design concept.

Wether you’re an urbanite or the country side type of a person, this collection is the lucky pick for you.