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By Dwaiden Paints

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Available Sizes
Canvas 1: H 60 W 50 D 1.5 cm
Canvas 1: H 40 W 50 D 1.5 cm

About This Product
Boho2 is a 2 pieced - timeless art with neutral colors that can suit any color scheme. It can be displayed alone or with the combination of Boho1!

Dwaiden, also known as Dana AlQattan is a Kuwaiti based artist. She first experienced art and painting when she was 7 years old and fell in love ever since. Her passion of art and color came from her mother who was a great inspiration to her. Dana loves to use different textures in her art to enable not only your visual sense but also your touch and sensational experiences. You can visit her account on Instagram @Dwaidenpaints to follow her art journey.

Painted in Kuwait; Acrylic