Anemone Kilim
Anemone Kilim
Anemone Kilim
Anemone Kilim

Anemone Kilim

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From Noor Stationery

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Available Sizes
W 85 L 130 cm

About This Product
Tribal Kilim rug carefully handpicked from the beautiful lands of Greece. 

The love of textiles is a shared interest between both cultures of Greece and Qatar.

From a small village in the North of Greece, Metsovo, we handpicked these Kilim Rugs and brought them to Doha.

These beautiful Kilims have been produced since the Minoan period. Each kilim is around 30-40 years old. They are made with two different techniques using wool. The method used to create Kilims is called the flat weaving technique.

The colors in the rugs are achieved by using vegetable dyes with no chemicals. Certain herbs and spices are also used to dye the wool. This results in beautiful subtle changes of color over time. Each color carries a different meaning. Kilims that are heavy in shades of blue come from the Island of Crete. They are carefully washed before purchase.

Kilims are used for various purposes. The locals that made these Kilims live in agricultural areas; therefore, they use Kilims in the summer to make them cool, and in the winter to keep them warm. Besides using them as rugs, Kilims are also hung on walls and placed on chairs. They are the perfect addition to your living space and the ideal housewarming gift.

How to take care of your Kilim Rug:

  • Vacuum front and back every two months
  • Wash every three years
  • Wash your kilim outside with a hose while avoiding aggressive detergents
  • Use 100% natural soap or carpet shampoo
  • DO NOT wash in a washing machine
  • DO NOT SOAK your kilim
  • DRY IT OUT FLAT outside (on the grass, gravel, avoiding tiled areas so the water can drain), as you may risk the colors bleeding