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Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping for furniture has never been this simple.. and fun! We are a team of architects, designers and techies who are combining design and engineering to allow you to view furniture and lifestyle pieces in your home to create a space you love!
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Beautiful design begins with an image.  That Designs lets you create that image from the comfort of your home.  Unleash your creativity. Try it all. Delete it all. Compare and shop like never before.

Simply visit thatdesigns.com from your mobile or tablet, when viewing the product look for the ‘VIEW ME IN YOUR HOME’ button which will open the camera and allow you to view the products.

When Using the ‘VIEW ME IN YOUR HOME’ AR feature, ensure the product is on the required surface: wall, floor or table. When editing the size of the project, keep it at 100% for the true scale.

Please ensure you are visiting the website from your mobile or tablet. If you are using an iPhone or iPad, please access the website from Safari directly.

An ‘Update needed’ error may come up when accessing the site for Android users. Simply click update and click ‘uninstall’ to clear all the data (this will not impact any functions on your phone) which will allow you to view the products in your home.

Give us a shout using the form below or drop us a line at hello@thatdesigns.com and we will be happy to help

Happy Augmenting!